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Welcome to The Curly Backpacker travel blog! My passion for traveling made me want to come up with this weblog so I can share the experiences I had in visiting various places. I hope this site would be of help to your future travel plans. Let’s get lost and have fun!

For my first post, I thought of sharing about my first trip abroad which was in Bangkok, Thailand.

Date: August 2009 (It is very warm and humid around this season so if you’re planning to visit, I advise you to bring sunblock, sunglasses, a hat and an umbrella.

Accommodation: Indra Regency Hotel, Pratunam, Bangkok (If you like to try Thai street food and shop tiangge style, you’ll have an enjoyable time in Pratunam area. Another famous hotel around this area is the Baiyoke Hotel.)

*TIP: Save yourself from stress in lining up in the airport’s taxi service. You can avail of a shuttle service to and from your hotel. It may cost a bit more than a regular taxi but it’s safer. You can ask for this service from your hotel.

Heads up:

-Thailand is a Buddhist country, for them, their temples are very sacred and should be treated as such. Because of this, some temples implement strict dress codes which prohibit sleeveless tops, shorts/capris, skirts and slippers/sandals. To be certain, always bring a cover up.

– Look for Kabuhayan Tours in Pratunam Area. This tour company is owned by a Filipino family residing in Bangkok. They offer low rates of PHP – THB exchange rates.

Let’s explore Bangkok, Thailand!

We have availed of a package tour to Ayutthaya, an ancient city just north of Bangkok. For this part we visited these places.

1.Ban Ga-In Palace: It’s also called the summer palace because this is the place where King Rama usually stays during summers. This is the same King Rama as presented in the movie Anna and the King

2. Wat Mahthat, Ayutthaya: Here we find ruins from the ancient city of Ayutthaya. I especially adore this place because it resembles Cambodia’s Angkor Wat’s vibe.




3. Golden Buddha Temple : As a sign of respect, one has to remove his/her footwear in upon entering.

Fun Stuff: Spinning Wheel Luck Teller- for 5 THB, one can spin this wheel and find out what’s ahead! For this bit I was able to find out two things: that I will have a mismatch and that I have a good luck ahead of me.


4. The 3rd Largest Reclining Buddha: There are 3 basic positions of Buddha statues you might encounter, these are the sitting, standing and reclining positions.


5. Chao Phraya River

*TIP: Avail of a Lunch/Dinner cruise through Chao Phraya River. The food, especially the famous Tom Yum is simply wonderful! The cruise will take about 2 hours.


6. Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn): You can reach this area by taxi or, like me, by ferry through Chao Phraya River. The fee is just about 15-20 THB roundtrip.



Warning: If you want to climb the structure, a 75 THB should be paid at the counter near the steel gate.

7. Floating Market: It takes about more than an hour to reach Ratchaburi, Thailand. This area is already outside Bangkok. I would advise people who would want to visit this area to be prepared to get a bit wet. If you’re lucky, you might see wild monkeys along the way.




Must Buy: Exotic fruits! Fruits in Thailand are exquisitely sweet and delicious!

8. Sam Phran: This Place is famous for their well trained elephants. I didn’t ride one because I’m not in favor of using the animals as amusements. Ergo, I didn’t enter the Cobra Show and the Crocodile Wrestling place. I just stayed outside.



9. Standing Buddha: This is one of the highest standing Buddhas around.

10. Shopping Malls: It’s easy to go around Bangkok’s shopping district since they flock in one area called the Siam area. Here you’ll find MBK (8 floors of heaven), Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Central World.




Other Must-see place: Baiyoke Sky Tower, Siam Niramit Theatical Play, Emerald Buddha in the Main Palaces

Food Trip Stop: Pratunam Area

Pratunam offers a wide variety of street foods. The food served are well presented, cheap and delicious! For the budget conscious, one can avail lunch/dinner for less than 40 THB.


Our Bangkok trip ends here! Watch out for more travel posts in the future! Sawadee-krub!


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